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3 Types Of Leaks That Might Plague Your Front Load Washer

More and more homeowners are making the switch to front load washing machines. A washer with a front load design can offer you significant savings by reducing water and soap usage. All washing machines have the potential to leak at any time.

Knowing how to respond to a leak in your front load washer will allow you to troubleshoot the appliance before any serious water damage can occur.

1. Leaky Detergent Dispenser

Laundry detergent is used for each load of laundry that you run through your washer. You should pay close attention to the tray in which you pour your detergent if you want to avoid a mess. A leaky detergent dispenser can wreak havoc on the efficiency of your wash cycle.

The detergent will dispense too early, compromising the cleanliness of your clothing. Most detergent dispenser leaks are caused by residue buildup. Take the time to clean out the dispenser after each load of laundry to prevent residue from clogging the dispenser in the future.

2. Water Leak in the Rear

If you aren't looking behind your washing machine on a regular basis, you could be missing a potential leak in the appliance. Your washing machine has a safety air vent on the rear of the appliance. This safety vent is designed to allow heated air to escape from the washing drum if the motor overheats.

There is the possibility that water could leak out of the safety vent if you are using too much detergent. Excess suds that take up too much room in the drum will migrate out the vent and onto your flooring.

The electrical wiring for most front load washing machines is located in the rear of the appliance, so you will want to prevent water and soap from coming through the safety vent onto the wires. Make sure you are using a high efficiency detergent and follow the manufacturer's recommendation when determining how much detergent to use for each load.

3. Leaking Door

One of the most common leaks that can plague front load washing machines is a leaking door. When water escapes through the door during a wash cycle, the likely explanation is a poor seal between the door and the gasket.

Dirt, lint, and other residue can build up on the rubber gasket over time. Eventually, the gasket can no longer make full contact with the door and create a watertight seal. Try cleaning both the door and gasket with bleach to restore a proper seal and eliminate the water leak.

Contact a washer repair service if you need more help.